Writing in Red Shoes

January 18, 2016

Early in 2014 I saw a study that claimed people are more likely to trust someone who is wearing red shoes. I don’t remember if the psychology behind it was explained but it really can only mean one thing. Santa Claus wears red. Everybody loves Santa Claus. Ergo wear red shoes and people will think you are Santa Claus and love you. Ok maybe not. Santa doesn’t wear red shoes anyway.

One morning a few days later my wife, Jenny, relays that she had dream about me being interviewed on television. This is not a normal occurrence. The closest I’ve been to a TV interview was when I visited Washington DC with my parents as a pre-teen. A reporter asked them a couple questions about some event that happened to be going on while we were visiting the Washington Monument. Basically, I stood beside my Dad trying to act natural which as a pre-teen is impossible. So, I have yet to be interviewed in real life.

Back to the dream … Jenny told me I was on a talk show being interviewed about a book that I wrote that had something to do with marketing or business. (In case you didn’t know, I help businesses with their marketing efforts.) As I was being interviewed in the dream, Jenny noticed that I was dressed in the latest, stylish attire and just so happened to be wearing red shoes. I am Santa Claus!

I had not shared with Jenny about the red shoes study before her dream. Of course, I filled her in when she told me the details. Not long after these events it was my birthday. One of my most appreciated gifts from Jenny was a pair of red loafers.

Fast forward to today, January 18, 2016, when I relayed the red shoe story/book dream to author, Robert Lavala at the end of strategic coaching call. I think we were both excited about the clarity of what God has been orchestrating. The previous several minutes of conversation had been centered around Robert encouraging me to use writing as a vehicle to expand my dreams.

What makes this significant beyond the surface level, is the fact that Robert and I had never spoken before today. He had no natural knowledge that I may have some skill in writing. He also did not know that the Holy Spirit had been prodding me the last several days to write on a regular basis. The red shoe story/book dream was the pièce de résistance. Robert concluded the call by challenging me to write 500 words a day to unlock this dream. So here I am … currently at 445 words. Blah, blah, blah, phrase, sentence, period. I’m kidding!!!

For quite some time, I have known I have a gift for writing. I’ve been thinking that maybe, possibly, somehow God would magically make me want to write awesome things all the time. Robert confirmed my suspicions that this will not happen. Dreams may come in a moment, but the actualization of the dream comes in the day by day discipline of doing what you know to do. Can you see the skyscraper in a single brick? Great. Now there a million more bricks to lay in order to get the penthouse view.

We all need the occasional nudge to move in the direction we already were pointing towards. Now it’s my turn.


Your dream is already alive in your heart. Do the one thing you know you can do today. Start laying bricks on your dreamscraper!


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