On January 2, 2024 chorus line “Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus” kept repeating in my heart as I awoke. Instead of precious I ...

Mighty Jesus Opening Doors in 2024

Our Dream Story

My wife Jenny and I sat down for a Facebook Live session to talk about our journey in understanding dreams and how that has significantly impacted our lives. We're calling it The Mark & Jenny Dream Team. 🙂

In addition to Facebook Live I will be sharing more on YouTube on dreams and their significance as well as tips on interpreting them. Subscribe to the channel Awaken Your Dreams for that and more!

Things That Mark Wrote ...

January 2, 2024

On January 2, 2024 chorus line “Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus” kept repeating in my heart as I awoke. Instead of precious I kept hearing and saying “mighty.” I knew it was not the

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December 23, 2023

As we move into the year 2024, I have felt in my spirit that the 24 elders are important to look at. I’ve been led to study who they are, what they are

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July 4, 2023

I awoke on July 4th, 2023 in the middle of the night. After a trip to the bathroom I checked the time and it was 2:02 am. Recently, it has been a season

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May 8, 2023

In March 2015 I had a dream in which a banker told me the dollar would be “useless soon.” In the dream, I knew we had until the end of April before it

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January 2, 2023

An old praise chorus popped into my heart this morning. As I sat at my computer, out of the blue I sang out, “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is your name in all

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December 23, 2022

2022. Yep. Well, ten years ago at this time we narrowly escaped the Mayan Apocalypse. Good news everybody … we’re still here!!! I’m still writing Christmas letters, too. Might be two days before

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November 22, 2022

David had a reputation and that rep brought him before the king. These traits were the reason that he served the position he was called to well before he was crowned. If we

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October 19, 2022

Each person’s unique beauty, creativity and genius is a demonstration of God’s glory. Every person has the seed of His glory inside of them. For some it maybe hidden quite deeply and harder

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September 17, 2022

The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) of 5783 kicks off on September 25-27, 2022. Many in prophetic ministries release words in regards to the meaning of the year and numbers and how they

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The Father Speaks Journal

February 1, 2021 I began to journal regularly because I felt Holy Spirit prompting me to do so. I have journaled off and on throughout my adult life. It is primarily been my dialogue with God. As I started this year I proceeded as I've done in the past: my thoughts towards Him and then a couple of lines of what I felt was His response. On February 12 I felt I needed to shift my journal to be primarily what God is saying. The Father Speaks posts are just that. I hope that you are encouraged, challenged and inspired as I have been.

March 14, 2023

Time for Excitement

September 14, 2022

I Need You

July 7, 2021

Surprising – July 7, 2021

June 24, 2021

Ancient Doors – June 24, 2021

April 20, 2021

Victorious – April 20, 2021

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