September 14


I Need You

By Mark

September 14, 2022

hearing God, listening

When I journal "prophetically" I generally have a single thought that comes to mind. As I begin handwriting down the thoughts, it "flows out" from there. These days I write from the perspective of Father God speaking to me. I don't sit and think about what I will write. Sometimes or many times what goes down on the page challenges my thinking.

Today was one of those days. The phrase that appeared in my heart and on the page made me stop, think and question. Is this even theologically correct? Do I believe this? Is this heresy?!

Half way through my journaling I wrote: "I need you" ... you will notice there is no period. I stopped writing and the questions began. Does God really need me? I know I need Him. Isn't He all sufficient in Himself? Everything, everyone came from Him. How could He possibly need me? How can He need any one person? Doesn't he have 7,000 others He can raise up?

The other thing that kept echoing in my heart after I stopped writing was "period." On repeat I hear, "I need you ... period." It was a statement of authority and assurance despite my own wavering thoughts. I continued writing and what came next is the heart of the Father for us all. He does have need of you. Like He said to me, "Only you can do you."

September 14, 2022 Journal Entry

You are a unique representation of My nature on the Earth. What you have to offer no one else does. I do not rubber stamp My children. My infinite nature is reflected in the infinite creativity I display in My people. 
There are types but they do not restrict. Your expression of Me cannot be carried by anyone else. There are similarities but not copies.
Worry subtracts. My peace adds. Worry is chaos. Peace is order. I am putting things in place. I am asking you to trust Me. It is for your benefit.
I need you. If you do not, then who will? As I said, you are unique. Sure, someone else can do but it will be through their unique personage. Only you can do you. And I need that. I need each of My children to be who they are so we can all represent the fullness of the Kingdom.
You are more than an assignment, more than a calling, a gifting, a talent, an anointing. You are My family -- My sons and daughters. We are doing this together.
It was never an afterthought. I am intentional. You are intentional. I did not make you for what I can get out of you. You are here because I love you.
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Mark is a marketer and sometimes writer. He's trying to get better at that sometimes thing.

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