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Google’s Mobile Website Ranking Update

Last April everyone was screaming about the Google update that would derank (word?) websites that were not mobile friendly. Well, mobilegeddon came and went without much fanfare… or did it? The Google Webmaster Blog came out March 16, 2016 with an update about the update. As of May 2016, Google will “start rolling out an […]

Buzzkill: Death to Buzzwords

August 28, 2014

One of my strengths is making fun of things. Also, I have no friends. Anyway, buzzwords lend themselves to “pointing and laughing.” How can anyone be taken seriously when this is uttered, “We need to accelerate the actionable best practices in order to have end-to-end collaboration within our brand.” I frequent some industry Twitter chats […]

Your marketing plan is going to fail and it’s ok

My nine year old daughter lost her bid for Vice President of the Student Council by 20 votes. Obviously, I’m going to demand a recount. There had to be some hanging chads. We’re still determining whether or not a Congressional Inquiry is needed. Ok, ok, ok … she lost fair and square. Thankfully, according to her teacher, she took the defeat much more gracefully than I did. There’s a lesson to be learned here. I just haven’t figured out what it is. READ MORE

Videos: High Production or Low-Brow?

When it comes to powerful media venues none is more so than a video. Well, that’s if its done right. If not, it can literally make someone sick at worst or cause confusion and boredom at best. So that begs the question what is the right way to do video? The answer, much like the […]

37 Sleeps Till Christmas

November 17, 2011

It seems like every year the push to market Christmas starts earlier. I know my wife and I have had a couple discussions about the over zealousness of some to break out Christmas gear. I have it on good authority that the Christmas season starts in August next year.

Brand Spanking New

Have you ever had the realization that a phrase you have been using your whole life makes no sense? I had this epiphany the other day while driving and asked my wife, “What does ‘brand new’ even mean?” Of course, through many years of hearing the phrase in context we understand that it means something new that has never been used. But where does the “brand” come into play? And then add “spanking?” So confusing.