2020 Rowan Christmas Letter

Sooooo, how has your year been? Our family room is now my office. The playroom is currently Jenny’s office. It has dual functionality as Elena Kay and Cassia’s classroom. The kitchen bar is Josiah’s classroom. Addie uses whatever room, couch or corner that she feels like for her learning experience. 2020 was supposed to be […]

I Was Born for This & So Were You

God is into numbers. He mentions them a lot in the Bible. It shows the preciseness of his nature. Nothing is out of order. I’m a numbers guy, too, but not in the mathematical, nerdy accountant way. I see them as a mechanism that God uses to speak to us. Numbers show us how he […]

Extravagant Giving

Father God gives in accordance with His nature. That is to say His giving is unlimited, all-powerful, ever present and never ending. The height, depth and width of His giving is actually unquantifiable. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Anything that is good can be attributed to God and His generosity. Jesus standing in […]

7 Levels of the Presence of God

March 24, 2018

Every person who ever lived sought the presence of God. For many they are not aware of what or who they are seeking, but they most definitely are on a search. God created us to have communion with him. The aching desire inside of every heart to find purpose and love leads people to fill […]

Their Dream Before Yours

March 20, 2018

My father, Dennis Rowan, is a visionary. He was born in the farmhouse that I grew up in. This family dairy farm in Gap Mills, WV was the genesis of his life and dreams. If you have never heard of Gap Mills, don’t be concerned. It is not covered in most geography classes. The small […]

What Are You So Afraid Of?

February 27, 2018

Fear of the dark is a fairly common phobia kids deal with. Growing up my closet was right next to my bed. At night the closet door was always open and dark. I remember trying to go to sleep wondering what creepiness lie within the darkness among my clothes and toys. The anxiety would be […]

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