December 23


2022 Rowan Christmas Letter

By Mark

December 23, 2022

2022. Yep. Well, ten years ago at this time we narrowly escaped the Mayan Apocalypse. Good news everybody … we’re still here!!! I’m still writing Christmas letters, too. Might be two days before Christmas but the best things in life are hurriedly scrambled together because you weren’t paying attention and totally forgot about that obscure relative that is dropping by for the holidays and it would be weird if they were the only one that didn’t have something so this can of nuts is pretty nice … right?

Now to my phone’s camera roll so I can recap …

January: It snowed a lot. Well, at least for Virginia Beach. One inch shuts down the entire city so anything beyond that and the Mayans were totally right. Cassia turned 15 and wore a shark onesie for her bday because … well, because she’s Cassia and she’s a theater kid. She’s prepping for her role as Baby Shark, doo-doo, doo-doo. She lives her art. We witnessed her first school performance in the Spring. She’s a brilliant thespian. 🎭 That means actor for the poorly educated.

February: Josiah entered into manhood at 13 so I gave him a sword as you do. 🗡 He shaved his “mustache” one time this year so the man thing is coming along nicely. Later in the year he tried out for school soccer for the first time and totally made it! He said he’s playing in the next World Cup. Dream big, son! Also, you may want to actually train at soccer. Nah, Fortnite is all the training you need.

March: Big month for Elena Kay. She burned some stuff in a kiln and made rad pottery as part of her art academy. 🎨 Her testimony about the impact of worship on her life was recorded and shown at church. Big month for me, too … my yard was next level. The grass was so green it would make the grounds crew at the Masters blush. Significant middle-aged dad win.

April: Jenny and I both got older buuuut a lot wiser … probably. We took a WV trip for Spring break and I filmed a nature documentary.

May-Sep: Fast forward. ⏩ School finished. All kids got awarded because they’re geniuses. Did summer stuff. Addie turned 11. Went back to farm. More nature videos. Took vacation to Williamsburg. Saw old stuff. Went to theme park. School started. Hit goose with football. Dog killed rat in pool.

October: 22 years married for Jenny and I! This is where I brag on how amazing my wife is. She was just given the certificate “Most Like Jesus” at the church staff Christmas party. 😳 I mean what else is there to say? She is God’s favorite and there’s nothing me, you or anyone can do about it. We’re all fighting for second place like the disciples.

November: Addie became a ballerina. She hung up her soccer cleats in Spring and has switched to the dance life. Her last game she scored a goal from near the half line. ⚽ Go out on top. Addie has really doubled down on her love for OMG and LOL dolls. Entire Christmas list: OMG, LOL. As the baby, she can totally play with dolls as long as she wants. No problemo.

December: Elena Kay starts the month off by becoming an adult. She can vote. She can join the military! She can buy cigarettes! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Right, kids? All year she has been helping her Papa in the ministry. She’s got a real job and everything. Proud dad moment. Also, in November Josiah said he could probably beat me at basketball now. Final score 11-1. 🏀 He had one. Proud dad moment.

The other thing that happens in December … Christmas. 🎄 The word “mas” means a big gathering of people. What’s better than a big gathering of people celebrating Jesus? Jesus did come to gather a bunch of people to Him. Being home for Christmas is really about finding our place in the Father. More than ever we need peace on Earth and good will to men. It’s only found in Jesus. The angels have been singing it over us for 2,000 years: Glory to God in the Highest! Let’s join the chorus this season. Merry Christmas!

Love … the Rowans

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