March 14


Time for Excitement

By Mark

March 14, 2023

exciting, hope

It is time for hope-filled expectation. Anticipate My goodness revealed in unusual places. Prepare your heart to be excited for what is coming yet what is already here. In My Kingdom there is no place for fear, worry, uncertainty and their running mates stress, depression, anxiety. I have joy in the morning ready for you to indulge in. Yes, take as much as you need. It is the antidote for the current climate. It is found in My presence.
Need climate change? Come into our secret place with raised expectations and never leave. I have chosen to meld your inner most parts with Mine. This meeting place is always with you. Turn your eyes to Me. Fullness of joy is recognizing your capacity to fill yourself with My presence. We are one. Take advantage of our unity and lay claim of the benefits. Speak them, believe them, live them.
I do not live in disappointment. I live in pursuit of your wholeness which is found in our oneness. Everything is changing because I am always constant. My promises are true and My words will come to pass. In that, creation follows suit and arcs it’s path to align with My original decrees. Enjoy the ride!
About the author

Mark is a marketer and sometimes writer. He's trying to get better at that sometimes thing.

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