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Dream – Banker Burns $20 Bill: The Coming Demise of US Dollar

By Mark

May 8, 2023

US Dollar

In March 2015 I had a dream in which a banker told me the dollar would be “useless soon.” In the dream, I knew we had until the end of April before it happens. Eight years later we may be facing that reality. Last year I thought it might be the time due to some of the things that were taking place but it did not happen.

With the prophetic words from Robin Bullock, dream of Chris Reed and time analysis of Bo Polny, we may very well be on the doorstep of a historic financial event that will change the face of the economy and world. The dollar did not crash in April 2023 but what about May?

I recorded this video in February 2023 detailing my dream and the words from Chris Reed and Robin Bullock as well as analysis from Bo Polny. April came and went and no major dollar crash happened. The signs are all there but nothing took place. On May 1, 2023 Barry Wunsch had a significant vision that included this excerpt:

“I was taken into the spirit and watched a large screen, it was a chart of the USD, The US Dollar. I watched as it did a deep dive dropping by a third, and then another third quickly before my eyes with a slower trickle down after the first two big hits. I watched in the spirit, and it did not take long for the dark clouds to clear up and bright blue sky and sunshine once again began to flood the land. I saw oppression and debt being removed from the Nation.”

Barry Wunsch

The similarity of Barry’s vision and Chris Reed’s dream (listed below) from March 2022 is undeniable. Neither of them were given a specific time frame in their revelation. The April/May time frame comes from my dream in 2015 and Robin Bullock’s word in 2020. As you will see in the video below he released his word in May of that year and specifically said the currency would change in the next three years. We are now standing at that three year mark.

Mark Rowan Dream: March 2015 – Banker Burns Money

Jenny and I pull up to a bank. We’re in the parking lot and a banker is standing there. He begins to tell us that paper money is going to be useless soon. He has a $20 bill and throws it on the ground to demonstrate. He said we need to get coins and mentions a particular type of franc as an example. While he’s speaking he lights a $20 bill on fire. In the dream I think to myself that we have until the end of April before this happens.

Recalculation of Timing

Timing in the prophetic seems to be the one area that is most missed. God will give hints like “until the end of April” but there is no year attached. The obvious thing I overlooked in my own dream was that very phrase. If we have until the end of April, then May would more likely be the timing of crash. I’m not sure why I didn’t pick up on that detail before. An exercise in humility is always good. I missed that one!

Robin Bullock Prophetic Word: May 2020 – Currency is changing in next 3 years slowly at first and then suddenly.

Chris Reed Dream: March 2022 – $50 bill is torn in 3 pieces.

Bo Polny Analysis: January 2023 – Bo talks about April Passover event and possible dollar crash

Other Signs of Dollar’s Demise

In addition to God revealing this through his prophetic voices, there are real world events that are confirming these dreams, words and visions. On March 2023 we witnessed the third largest bank failure in US history when Signature Bank went down. This was triggered by the failure on Silicon Valley Bank two days earlier. First Republic followed suit. Many regional banks have seen their stock value plummet in the aftermath.


“De-Dollarization is also happening on the international stage. Alexander Babakov, deputy chairman of Russia’s State Duma, said that Russia is now spearheading the development of a new currency. It is to be used for cross-border trade by the BRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.”


“A former White House economic advisor, Joseph Sullivan, discussed de-dollarization and the potential impacts of a BRICS currency on the USD in an opinion piece published by Foreign Policy Monday. The BRICS nations are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

“Sullivan was a special advisor and staff economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers during the Trump administration. He is currently a senior advisor at the Lindsey Group, an economic advisory firm. Referring to the hypothetical BRICS currency as “the bric,” he warned:

‘If the BRICS used only the bric for international trade, they would remove an impediment that now thwarts their efforts to escape dollar hegemony.'”

Joseph Sullivan

From Foundation of Economic Education

“Since 1933, the U.S. dollar has lost 92 percent of its domestic purchasing power. Even at its “moderate” 1994 inflation rate of 2.7 percent, the dollar will lose another half of its purchasing power by 2022. In international markets, the dollar has, since 1969, depreciated 65 percent against the Deutsche Mark, 74 percent against the Swiss franc, and 76 percent against the yen.

It might take a hyperinflationary disaster to shake people’s faith in fiat money. Let’s hope not. In addition to the horrendous costs of such a “learning experience,” it’s not even a sure thing that it would lead us back to gold. Recent hyperinflations in places as disparate as Russia and Bolivia have not done so.”

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