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2017 Rowan Christmas Letter

Soooo, 2017 … nothing happened. See you next year! Oh, alright one or two things occurred … I heard something about a new President, stopped reading the news, survived another Virginia Beach blizzard with 4 inches of snow, partied with Cassia as she reached double digits, gave Elena Kay my old guitar (she’s not playing […]

Voila! 2016 Rowan Christmas Letter

Twelve long, excruciating months … each day you walk to your mailbox with great anticipation only to realize that it is not Christmas season. Your heart sinks. No Rowan Christmas Letter. What will you do?! It’s the only real piece of mail you get all year! You try to find solace in reading other pieces […]

2015 Christmas Letter: Pay Up

I’m making my Christmas letter a subscription service. After reading, please remit payment of $0.37. Please ensure that the entirety of payment is in pennies. Failure to do so will result in absolutely nothing happening. So carry on as usual. Now that the business procedures have been addressed, let’s troll the ancient yuletide carol! And […]