2013 Christmas Letter – No Babies This Year

2013 – Usually this would be the year that we would have another child. We didn’t do that. I know this is terrible news for the rest of humanity as we have robbed everyone of another beautiful Rowan child. Alas, all good things must come to an end including our part in increasing the earth’s population. As a consolation, you get to read this letter.

I have the privilege of experiencing life with the amazing and beautiful Jenny Rowan. Next time you see me congratulate me for somehow convincing her to marry me. That was the upset of the century. She won Mom of Year in our house… AGAIN! That’s 8 years running. She also won wife, friend, cousin, daughter and cook of the year as well. Pretty impressive really.

At the start of the year we moved our connect group to Jeff & Jess Sallee’s house to accommodate the approximately 95 children that our families have. That might be an exaggeration but it is true that our “small” group is bigger than some of the churches I attended growing up. In case you forgot I was raised in the sticks. No, literally I slept on a bed of branches and moss that I gathered in the hills of West Virginia. (Disclaimer for Moms: I did not really sleep on branches and moss. It was branches and dried sheep dung.)

Elena Kay is now in 3rd grade for those of you with terrible memories. She takes after her mother as she’s already won about every award possible at school this year. But she is really skinny like me so it’s cool. This month she turns 9 years old. WHAT. IN. THE. WORLD. Jesus, help us.

First grader Cassia continues to laugh at whatever I say so she is my favorite … uh … wait … Jenny told me I can’t have favorites … I’ll just secretly give her the biggest piece of dessert. She is currently missing half her teeth. We should probably get that checked out … oh … wait … Jenny just told me that it’s normal for children her age.

Josiah is in the midst of homeschool preschool. Most months he is proving to be the best student in class. He also got his first pair of glasses thus solidifying his new secret identity as Clark Kent. Josiah inexplicably developed a fondness for baseball. I had previously banned the borefest from the house, but in light of the fact that he may make us proxy millionaires with his MLB career I have relented.

Addie is learning how to beat box. If Josiah’s baseball dreams do not materialize we will be throwing all our chips into her burgeoning rap career. There’s definitely room in the market for an Asian-Hispanic white girl to drop some phat rhymes. And she can dance. So, it’s basically written in stone.

Derrick Rose broke his other knee. Da Bulls.

Despite that bad news and any other bad news that we could easily look at now is a perfect time to be reminded of the goodness of God. In His goodness he sent Jesus to arrive on earth at the exact right time in history to bring the greatest hope the world has ever known. Now, He makes it His habit to arrive in our lives at the exact right time when we need Him. I know that this is a fact I must remind myself of. He is never late. 2013 years ago was the right time for the Savior of the world to be born. Now is the right time to thank Him for saving us.

May your Christmas be filled with blessing and joy.

The Rowans


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