2011 Christmas Letter … the wait is over

Twas the Rowan Letter of Christmas, when all through Mark’s mind not an idea was stirring, not of any kind. The paper was blank as was Mark’s stare, in hopes that a decent idea soon would be there.

The children were jumping on their beds, while trying to punch each other in their heads. And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap … juuust kidding I’m not doing this. And what the what is a kerchief? Anybody .. anybody???

I hope you are ready to enjoy this holiday season, since the world ends next year. Thanks a lot, Mayans. Drink lots of eggnog and eat loads of figgy pudding (another Christmas mystery) because the aliens are going to horde it all.

Well, it’s no mystery that I have the best family in the world. I looked it up on Wikipedia to confirm and Jenny is the number one wife and mother of all time. Right on schedule she birthed our fourth child in seven years. Now that is production, folks, or REproduction. God’s says multiply and we say yes sir. Jenny has the most rewarding/difficult job known to mankind and she does it marvelously. Keep it up, all you moms. We wouldn’t be here without you, literally and figuratively.

Elena Kay has been sweeping in the awards in 1st grade. It took her about 3.8 seconds to win Citizen of the Month in September and in November she was the Holland Husky Hero. No, she hasn’t gained a lot of weight. Husky is the mascot. It does mean she was the best behaved. A trait she obviously inherited from her father. She is into reading books (I told her its overrated, but she continues to learn to read.) and her teacher Mrs. Dozier loves her the mostest. (She didn’t say that, but I could deduce as much from the parent/teacher conference. A parent knows these things.)

Cassia is busy learning the finer things of education in pre-school. Her teacher is sooooo hawt. One of the endearing aspects of Cassia is her love for ugly things. That’s why she likes me so much!!! I had to say it before you thought it. She will always pick out the strangest/weirdest toy. She has a heart for the downtrodden, meaning she is predestined to be a Redskins fan. Cassia is the most quotable of the bunch, i.e. a recent exchange between her and Elena Kay … EK: Get away! C: Never! I’m your sister!!!

Josiah. What can I say? He pees in the potty and poops in his pants. He makes us laugh constantly. Although, we’re usually not laughing after a pooping in the pants episode. Sounds funny, but it’s not. His Tai Kwan Do skills are quite impressive for an almost 3 year old. He has no formal training, but he has a God-given proclivity to kick and punch things (which may or may not be his sisters). Despite his fighting prowess, he is the quickest to give hugs and kisses to anyone within arms reach.

Adalyn arrived July 19th and our mantra has been “4, no more!” She rocks a fo-hawk like it ain’t no thang and likes to tell us all about her day in the middle of the night sometimes. She has no lack for attention, and it is plain to see where the term “babied” comes from. Sometimes the babying annoys the snot out of her when it is coming from her older siblings, though. She has dimples −− a Rowan kid first and she is my sweet Lil Pee Peeps.

I surely do love some Christmas. The whole season is good for the soul. Mostly because it’s a reminder of what is best for the soul. Giving, sharing, spending time with loved ones are all wonderful traditions of the season, but it is the recollection that Jesus was sent to the earth to redeem our souls that is a true wonder. I always like to end on a serious note, but in reality its the most joyful news I can share about our family. Jesus is the center of it all and without him Christmas would be a real drag. And it would just be called Mas

… not very catchy. We love you. Have the best 2012 ever!

Love … The Rowans


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