37 Sleeps Till Christmas

November 17, 2011

It seems like every year the push to market Christmas starts earlier. I know my wife and I have had a couple discussions about the over zealousness of some to break out Christmas gear. I have it on good authority that the Christmas season starts in August next year.

In the world of retail, Christmas is the time to get in the black as people buy stuff like it’s going out of style … which it is. With the economy not zinging along as some would like, I can see why many retailers would be eager to stretch out the season. When the stores break out the tinsel early, the consumers naturally follow suit. Recently, Nordstrom hit the headlines when they proclaimed they wouldnot be decorating early for Christmas. They got a few pats on the back for their stance against the Christmas Creep.

Hold on corporate America, Christmas will be here soon enough.

Hold on corporate America, Christmas will be here soon enough.

I, for one, am all for Christmas cheer, but when it’s still a month out from Thanksgiving and the sleigh bells are jingle-ing. ring ting tingle-ing too, I do have some objection. Now, that it’s a week from Turkey Day, I’m ok with decking the halls. I’m sure you are relieved that I have given you the yuletide go ahead. Waiting for Christmas is a time honored tradition in America, but in today’s instantaneous society, we rarely wait for anything.

Good things come to those who wait. That’s a great phrase of truth. I give you permission to use it. The seemingly early entrance of Christmas season, has reminded me that everything has it’s right time. Pushing something into reality before the timing is right can be disastrous. Just ask Netflix. One of the problems they created in their recent change of service fiasco, was the idea that more and more people would be using the streaming service as opposed to their DVD service in the future. That is a safe assumption but not only was the idea of how to do it questionable but the timing was not right. Consumers were not ready for major changes. This lead to many subscribers leaving and stock prices falling.

As Tom Petty sang, waiting is the hardest part. This goes for all aspects of life, whether it is waiting for Christmas or waiting for the right business opportunity. Sure, there is always the need for working hard, taking risks and making things happen, but that should be balanced with the wisdom of waiting.

There’s a sweet spot for taking action. One good month of celebrating Christmas is about right. Once December 25th has past the celebrating is not quite the same. A week after is the New Year, a symbolic time to move on. Throw out the tree, put up the decorations and start that diet … again. So, we must wait the appropriate amount of time. Waiting too long to take action can lead to millions of disappointed basketball fans. Wait, what … no NBA!?!?

Somethings you can never wait to do or say. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Show your co-workers you appreciate them. The perfect time to do something good is now. In all other matters, wait for it … wait for it … wait for it …


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