2008 Rowan Christmas Letter …. Read it.

Tis the season to be jahrry, fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! The Rowans have completed another spectacular year, and hope that you have experienced the same. We had all kinds of great things happen in 2008 with the most awesome being that we are expecting number 3 … Josiah Lee. He’ll be here in February. We are prolific.

So, here’s the breakdown… Jenny is the most amazing wife/mother of all time. While raising the two most adorable girls on planet earth, she takes care of the house, leads two small groups at church, makes some scrumptious eateries, grows a baby in her belly (with the help of God) and makes me the happiest man alive amongst other things.

Elena Kay is masterpiece theatre – intrigue, suspense and delight. She prances around singing and betending (That’s “pretending” for those that don’t speak Elenakese.) and dropping random hilarious quips unbeknownst to her. Recently, Jenny and I were talking at dinner about buying something when Elena Kay put this one on us, “But we don’t have any money.” We then laughed our heads off. And then we cried.

Cassia loves to shake what her mama gave her. She’s all about gettin’ the groove on when a sweet jam is playing. She is also one of the most polite children in all of childrendom. She’ll say “thank you” for any occasion whether it’s appropriate or not. Besides Elena Kay, Cassia’s best friend is Dora the Explorer. She can spot a Dora toy from 5,000 yards.

Josiah is very well behaved.

I have been working at Hackworth Reprographics for a year now, and it has been great. I do a lot of different things with job number one being that I keep the Internet running. You can thank me later. Some of my friends and I have banded together and started a band. It’s a lot of fun and you can catch us at a city near you on our upcoming world tour. Otherwise, I continue to enjoy leading a young married cell group with Jenny, and I do some other stuff that is not that exciting so I’ll spare you the details. I am in first place in my fantasy football league, though!

The current “economic downturn” gives us a chance to refocus on the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown. Which can be summed up with these lyrics from a song I penned:

“A little baby in a manger sent to earth to save us all. Never heard a story stranger. All of heaven stands in awe. Merry Christmas to you, here’s your life and heaven, too. The greatest gift ever given. Because of you, Jesus, my life is really worth living.”

Merry Christmas, may next year be your best ever. Love…The Rowans.


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