Christmas Letter 2009 – Read it and weep … for joy

I don’t know about you, but I’m simply having a wonderful Christmastime! Yeah! I’m pretty sure I actually like Christmas more as I get older. Maybe it’s sharing it with the best wife and kids on the planet or it could be the fact that I more appreciate what Christmas really is about in my maturity or possibly it’s because of all the parties I get to go to. Anyway I’m glad to be here now. I hope you are too.

2009 was supa-fine. We started it off by increasing the manliness of the household twofold. And no I didn’t gain 200 lbs. Josiah Lee Rowan healthily and happily arrived on February 4th. He is quite the stud and continues to be very cheery despite the fact that his favorite football team is less competitive than Gobi Desert Synchronized Swimming Team. Go Skins! Fire Snyder!

Next up in the family is Cassia who is the most cuddly, cute awesomeness you’ll ever meet. She has greatly benefited from having an older sis to show her the ropes in counting, singing the ABCs, going potty, etc. She’ll turn 3 next month and she has mastered these tasks with ease. Cassia is always quick to tell you that she loves you. A lesson we can all take from her.

The lovely Elena Kay just turned 5 the other day and enjoyed a My Little Pony party with all her pals. Among her aspirations in life are being a ballerina and … well, I think that covers it right now. She’s very focused and talented, of course. Mommy and Elena Kay have been doing preschool all year and she has learned a lot. Elena Kay has done well, too. 🙂 The best news of the year is that Elena Kay accepted Jesus as her Savior. We’re thankful and proud of our little mighty woman of God!

Jenny, the matriarch of the family, is still smokin’ hot after bearing 3 children in case you haven’t seen her or had forgotten. She’s taken up making totally awesome fondant cakes for friends and family. Beauty and talent, wow. Also, she has been given the opportunity to share her testimony at Wave Women which is a great privilege. Many people have been touched by her wisdom and experience.

I’m loving life … having fun making rock music with friends, glad to have a job at Hackworth Reprographics and have my web design side work with Rowde, honored to lead a great group of young married couples with Jenny and most importantly ecstatic to share life with Jenny, Elena Kay, Cassia & Josiah. I’ve just pumped myself up after writing this. Woohoo!

This time of year brings reflection and vision. Be thankful for what we have and live life with no regrets. See 2010 as more than just another year to get older, but as opportunity to expand life. We can do things we’ve never done, love more than ever before, and change lives each day. A life of no regrets always starts with a God of no limits. We can do all things through Jesus. Christmas is a reminder that He came to give us that opportunity. Love God. Love Others.


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