Rowan Christmas Letter 2010 … the best Christmas letter you’ll read this year

Not so long, long ago, in a galaxy very, very near (actually the same galaxy) the House of Mark and Jenny ventured into the great unknown which was known by the name of the YEAR 2010. The young, heroic, good-looking duo brought along with them three trusty companions – Princess Elena Kay, Lady Cassia and Josiah the Small Yet Mighty. This clan of titans would face the harrowing feats of Tenth Year of Glorious Matrimony, First Day of School, Pee Pee in the Potty and The Breaking of the First Christmas Ornament. It is a tale great triumph. One not suited for the faint of heart but for those who are steeped in renowned valor … and plenty of diaper wipes.

The heroic journey starts and ends with the bravest of souls, the fairest of them all and mother of the house, Jennifer Lee-ave me alone for 5 minutes, kids! Rowan. Day in and day out she battles the diminutive Rowans and their fight against the Dreaded Time of Napping and the Eating of Thine Sustenance. Her beauty, joy and love are ever present and continually sway the wee ones to tread the path of truth and goodness. Without her the clan would surely perish. One can only live so long on cheese and crackers.

Gallant tribe leader, Mark Steven with a “V” because it’s manlier Rowan, has only one hope that his kindred would be happy evermore and that his football team would cease to offend the nostrils of those that partake of their objectionable play. Good fortune from the Lord Most High smiled on this portly yet handsome sir by bestowing the duties of Director of Marketing at his place of employ. He also saw fit to grow a rather impressive beard to fight the frigid chill of his dwelling in Virginia Beach.

Elena Kay Shortcake Rowan bestowed on herself a stately middle name inspired by a heroine of fruity proportions. She also walks the halls of education to better herself and increase knowledge so that one day she may conquer all set before her. Shortcake’s valiant effort in academia has awarded her many useless trinkets that can be easily lost in the Rowan abode. Daily she grows in beauty inside and out and makes her father and mother most proud.

Cassia Marie Dora Rowan is in the very midst of the small ones, learning from her elder sister and torturing or being tortured by her younger brother. Her will is strong as are her hugs. She has the guile and wit to bring the sternest of characters to their knees all while prancing about on her tippy toes. She easily befriends the schoolboys which somewhat troubles her father. Fear not! He has a contrivance, one which includes many weapons of mass destruction.

Josiah Lee-der of the Pack Rowan is a merry chap with a quick smile, hearty laugh but a growl in his belly. (No, he doesn’t need a diaper change.) After two dancing princesses, the lad brings a welcome addition of fortitude and grit to the tiny companions. He will hurl a lifeless object at a moments notice. Whether it be breakable or not, it is of no concern to him. He lives a life of endangerment and surprise. Some say, he is a tiny white Papa Lee.

Ah, Christmastime, such a joyous time of the year! It’s a wonderful time to reflect on life and remember how great it really is. Our wonderful adventure would not be possible without the greatest hero all, the Lover of our soul, Jesus Christ. He makes all things possible and loves us beyond reason. Have a blessed and happy holiday season.

Love … The Rowans


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