Are Your Goals Big Enough?

You heard it. That nagging little voice inside of you. Taunting you. Mocking the very idea that you even let the thought happen. Ridiculing your attempts at becoming more than what you currently are.

You know what that voice is? Fear. Fear doesn’t belong. It likes to think it does and it sometimes gets validated by our “what ifs” and “maybe some days.” That voice needs to shut up. It keeps telling you what can’t be done and why it isn’t possible and who will never believe in you and blah, blah, blah.

The fear that keeps our goals minimized should actually be the catalyst to go bigger. When the doubt starts to creep in let it be a reminder that there is so much more to be had. The moment we realize that fear is just a footnote of our former self we can begin to realize that what is inside our heart is a true picture of ourselves. This is the part of us that dreams unattainable goals and unrealistic, fairy-tale endings. When fear has been unceremoniously dismissed we see that these unattainable, unrealistic thoughts are the seeds of our destiny.

With the beginning of a New Year, we’re bombarded with the idea of setting goals, making resolutions, becoming more successful, eating healthier, losing weight … again. Some have come to the conclusion that writing down a set of items to resolve to be better at is a wasted exercise. Nay, it is not, my friend. Not only write down the seemingly repetitive and mundane lists but make sure you are aiming high. A goal to live healthy is amazing, but think about the impact of helping hundreds if not thousands of others live healthy. Insert your passion here. While your beginning may be small and uncelebrated never let that dampen the expanse of your dreams, goals and vision for your life.

If all your goals that you are setting are reachable without the help of anyone else, you’ve got to go bigger! If it’s entirely possible for you to make it happen in the next 30 minutes, then you have set the bar a wee bit too low. Step up your dream game. Stop listening to fear!

In the Mean Time is the Dream Time

What to do while your dream has yet to come true? Take a step in the right direction. No one leaps to the end of the dream at the onset. There is a natural process of working it out so that when you do begin to realize your dreams you are the most effective that you can be. Here are some things to think about when going big with your goals.

  1. As mentioned already, shut the door to fear. Silence the voices in your life that keep you from moving forward. Whether that be a mindset, a person or a memory replace those with the potting soil of dreams … hope. Surround yourself with people, thoughts and actions full of hope and vision.
  2. Do something practical. You see the end result in your mind. Figure out a real thing you can do to move in that direction. Maybe it’s reading a book to educate yourself further or rubbing elbows (Don’t really rub anyone’s elbows. It’s weird.) with those that are further along in the journey to a similar goal.
  3. Don’t stop. There will be times on the journey toward your “unrealistic” dream that you are reminded that it is “unrealistic.” You’ll want to quit. Do not do that. It’s only unrealistic when you actually begin to believe that. You were created for more. Don’t let a temporary set back become a permanent deathbed for your dreams.

The God-given ability to have big goals and accomplish them is not only for yourself but for a whole pile of other people. No one else that ever lived can do exactly what you can do. You are a unique creation with a skill-set perfectly assembled to make that dream a reality. We’re all waiting for you to become what you were created to be!

Fear will try to interject itself throughout your goal-attaining journey. Fear says you cannot that means that you absolutely can. Don’t ever forget it.


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