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Washburn Fires – A Prophetic Warning Message to World Leaders

By Mark

July 11, 2022

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[Updated July 23, 2022] 

July 10, 2022, a Sunday morning, I was sitting in the same chair I always pray and read the Bible in. Leaning against the wall was my guitar that I bought in college. It is a Gibson Epiphone acoustic electric guitar. The store did not have a case that went with it but they gave me a good deal on a Washburn case that was the same shape. Because the brands didn’t match I blacked out the “wash” part with a permanent marker. Since then the case just reads “burn”. I thought it was cool when I was 20.

As I looked at the case that morning the thought to look up Washburn guitars crossed my mind. I opened up a browser window on my phone and proceeded to search for “Washburn.” What came next was a bit of a surprise. 

washburn fire - yosemite

Unbeknownst to me a few days before a wildfire began burning in a part of Yosemite called Washburn. The headlines I saw all addressed the immediate danger the fire posed to the famous Sequoia grove which is home to the world’s largest trees.

I read an article about the fire which referenced 100 mile an hour windstorm that happened in January 2021. That storm blew over many trees including 15 giant sequoias. Because of that debris the Washburn fire had plenty of fuel to consume.

Symbolism of Trees Under Threat

Prophetically trees often represent leaders or leadership. For instance my dream from November 2020 about Biden’s tree being cut down. The message forming through the windstorm and the Washburn fire is concerning leadership being removed. In this case, the world’s largest and most influential leaders are being addressed.

Especially since 2020, leaders from every part of society have been removed in all different fashions. This environment has created the “fuel” that feeds the “fire” for removing powerful leaders. Essentially, we are witnessing a cleansing of the land. One of the primary biproducts of a fire is it’s cleansing nature, in other word the refiner’s fire. As a natural fire cleanses the forest so too God’s fire is removing the impurities from America as well as the rest of the world. 

Leaders Removed

The same day that the Washburn fire started Thursday, July 7 (7/7/22) the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson resigned. The next day Friday, July 8 (7/8/22) former Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated. To be clear I do not claim that God wanted to take out Shinzo Abe no more than He caused millions to die of any sort of disease, accident or violence. Sin ends in death but God is working good in all things.

One week later on Thursday, July 14 (7/14/22) the President of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa resigned after months of turmoil in his nation. A week after that on Thursday, July 21(7/21/22) Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned. Quite the "coincidence" that these resignation dates are all 7, 14, 21. It's almost like God's fingerprint of perfecting and completing all things is being placed in the middle of what is happening. 😉

I will also draw your attention to my prophetic journal from July 7, 2021 entitled "Surprising." One year to the day before the Washburn fire and the Johnson resignation. It opens with, "Surprising – everyone is going to be surprised. Depending on whose side you are on will determine if it is a good surprise or bad surprise. Surprised by My goodness or surprised by My justice."

Robin Bullock's Prediction

Before this all took place on 6/28/22 Prophet Robin Bullock delivered a message on the 11th Hour. On this live broadcast he called the leaders of the world into the Court of Heaven. Watch the video below for the full message.

Bullock made this prescient statement at the 4:52 mark of the video:

"This is true now all over the world that these things have been called into question. Watch what happens next. Watch as one domino falls and it just starts knocking the others down. Watch. You will know as each gavel comes down as each judgment is passed. Some will be spared and some will not."

Nine days (9 is the number of judgement) after Bullock called the leaders into the Court of Heaven, resignations began to take place throughout the world. Truly we are seeing the dominos begin to fall. Only God knows who's next. Unless he tells his prophets, of course. 🙂

Burnt or Cleansed?

The name Washburn itself has a message about cleansing. We have a choice to be washed or burnt. They both will produce the same result of getting rid of the unclean things in our lives and society. One is significantly more painful. One is voluntary and one is not. We have the choice to accept the washing of Jesus’ blood or the burning of righteous judgement. 

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