November 10

Biden’s Tree Cut Down


Six days after the 2020 Election, I had this dream. While I had an initial understanding of the symbolism, on January 28, 2021 much more revelation was released to me about it’s meaning.


I was in a farm house with several other people including Joe Biden and my dad. It was a night and there was a woman who was secretly trying to cut down a tree outside. People inside were discussing it and it was obvious that Biden and his people wanted it to stay up.

While everyone was inside talking the woman went outside. She drove a tractor with a cutting device attached to the front. She was also carrying a toddler. She cut it down about halfway. It looked like it was 40 feet high.

Somehow the toddler made it back inside while this was happening. His grandmother got him and took him back out as to not expose what was going on outside. The mother has said she needed the children to help her focus.

In the morning Biden and my Dad were in the kitchen taking verbal shots at each other. At one point Dad tried to throw flour on Biden. It mostly fell on the floor. I told him not to attack Biden.

I’m outside with Dad and there are several stumps in a line. One of which is the tree that was cut down. It’s actually a hole where the stump was before. Dad is trying to put a piece of the log in the hole where it stood. I come to help him place it in. The log has a hole in the middle and we’re trying to slide over a pole in the hole.


The woman is the church carrying and caring for the next generation. The focus of the operation is to save the children. The church is moving slow but it is powerful. Cutting down Biden is taking longer than many thought.

The operation is unseen while the enemy knows about a potential threat. They do not know what it is. They just don’t want it to happen.

The youth are also being protected by the older generation. The first generation is tasked with protecting the third generation and avoiding exposure to the enemy. The second generation is active in battle to remove false leadership.

There is an allusion to the cutting down happening over night.

Flour represents the word that has not been mixed together with other vital ingredients to make bread. It needs water (Holy Spirit), yeast (Uplifting) and salt (Flavor, preservation) to become bread of life. Truth without the Spirit of God is ineffective at disarming enemy. We cannot verbally attack with facts.

Biden will not only be cut down but will also be uprooted leaving a hole. My Father is putting in its place a stump with a hole which will be stabilized by a metal pole. A Trump stump was cut down or humbled before but God will put him back in. A hole in him will be filled with a mettle that strengthens him.


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