Think Less, Do More has finally made its appearance. Its been sitting on the web forever doing nothing, but that is about to change.

Time to stop thinking and start doing. Thinking can often paralyze us from ever accomplishing what we began to think about in the first place. According to James 1:22 we are to do not just hear.

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” (KJV)

We’ve heard the word of God and now it is time to act upon it. When God has proclaimed a truth there is no need to think about whether or not we should do it. Now, it is merely a matter of getting it done.

The Bible is full of simple truths that are not difficult to follow. What keeps us from implementing them in our lives on a daily basis? Paralysis by analysis, perhaps?

Many times Christians have wonderful intentions that never become useful inventions. The greatest idea ever formulated will never do anyone any good as long as it stays an idea. The Bible is not a book of ideas, but of absolute truth that has been proven over and over again by individuals that have taken it upon themselves to do what it says.

Action must be taken. Don’t get me wrong — carefully thought out plans are a necessity. But there is no shortage of committees and think tanks mulling over what might be the Church’s next move. What is needed is a committee of doers willing to do whatever it takes to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the ends of the earth.

We have a clear mandate: “Go make disciples of all nations,” (Matt. 28:19). What does that mean? That means teaching others to live like Jesus. Jesus did not say, “Go hold a crusade for 50,000 people.” If God calls you to do that then you had better get it in gear, otherwise try loving your neighbor as yourself, (Matt. 22:39) or giving a cup of cold water to one who is thirsty (Matt. 10:42).

Being a disciple of Christ is about living and loving as Christ did when he walked the earth. He was our example. His love was always in action — loving the lonely, feeding the hungry, healing the broken, and saving the dying. His desire for us is to do the same.

Because of his constant communication with the Father and his being led by the Holy Spirit, Jesus did not spend his time here thinking about great things to do, he did them. We must have the same objective — pray to God, listen to the Holy Spirit, and do the work of Jesus Christ. Let that be your committee. Don’t wait for someone else to hear from God and tell you what to do.

My challenge to myself and to you for 2005 is to thinkless domore.


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