Passion is an interesting word. It brings to mind things that we either spend to much time with or not enough. It’s impossible to be halfheartedly passionate. What are you passionate about? For some of us, our passion may be sports, work, hobbies, other people … there are no guidelines or restraints to what we might have as a passion. Is your passion worth dying for? What would you die for? I imagine family would be near the top of the list, along with friends. Some are willing to die for a cause that they deem important. Many have died for freedom. Others die for their life’s work. All can be considered honorable ways to die.

What else would you die for? Would you be willing to die for a cheater? How about a liar? Who wants to be the first to take the place of a serial killer in the electric chair? I know I’m not raising my hand. Who in their right mind would? If a man killed another person, he deserves to die rather than me.

Somehow in God’s infinite and incomprehensible love, He looked at man in all our grievous ways and said, “You are worth dying for.” God’s passion is us. Jesus showed us the kind of love that no man can truthfully understand. Completely innocent, He did not voice one word of defense for Himself as He was tortured and killed for every guilty person ever born. The only thing that may be harder to understand than this love, is why someone would reject it. His love is for everyone and knows no bounds.

We can be passionate about many things today. We want to have passion for something, anything. It is how we are made. But our passions will always leave us feeling empty without first accepting the passion of Jesus … His love for us.

Jesus did not “somewhat” die on the cross for us, therefore we cannot “somewhat” live for Him today. He literally gave everything. Passion implies holding nothing back. What is holding you back? Fear? Pride? Tradition? What ever it is I can tell you its not worth it.

Now is the time to make a choice. What is your passion? What would you die for? Who will you live for?


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