Stop Looking at the Wreck in the Other Lane!

Nearly every place I’ve lived locals complain about how bad the traffic is including a town called Niceville, FL which has a grand population of 14,058. The home of the Mullet Festival and a way too big high school football stadium has serious bumper to bumper action. Let me tell you.

Hampton Roads, Tidewater, 7 Cities, Coastal Virginia whatever you want to call it is no different. Many commuters disdain their drive. While it has its moments, normally I get to and from work without much hassle. Today was not one of those days.

This morning my drive into the office was interrupted by someone else’s problem. The slow progress of my journey to work was due to an unfortunate accident. However this accident was not on the road I was traveling on. The adjacent freeway had experienced the accident and the second the drivers on my freeway passed it, magically we were back to normal operating speed.

I will now let you in on a little secret. This is an area of my life that has not been fully sanctified by the work of Jesus Christ. I cannot STAND rubbernecking! I don’t even like the word. Pretend I didn’t use that term. I have tried so diligently to understand why so many drivers cannot just keep a steady speed and move right along. IS IT THAT HARD, PEOPLE!?! Forgive me for yelling. His grace is enough for me. And now you’re singing that song.

I think I know why we slow down. When we adjust our vision to something that is not in front of us, instinctively our pace will slow. On one hand that is a good thing as it may avoid causing another accident and corresponding traffic jam. On the other hand, it’s delaying the arrival time to our destination point.

We gravitate towards what we see. If our eyes are set on someone else’s problems or successes it’s hindering us from the very things in our own heart that we desire to see and do. That is not to say that we don’t have compassion for the hurting or rejoice with the victorious. Did God put them in your lane, though? If so, do all you can do. If not, stay on course. Full speed ahead – within the government sanctioned speed limits, of course.

Comparison and distraction are two of the biggest accidents we can get into when travelling toward our destiny. We need to keep our eyes on what we know is ours and put our faith in God to figure out the rest.

Isaiah 62 is a passage that discusses the destiny of Zion or Jerusalem. It’s really a great destiny. Read the full chapter and be inspired about your own God-breathed destiny. I’ve pulled a few thoughts from verse 10 from which we can learn something about our lanes.

Isaiah 62:10 (ESV) – Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; clear it of stones; lift up a signal over the peoples.

  1. Go through the gates – Get moving! What gates are you entering into? You have to go forward to enter your city of destiny. Notice Isaiah repeats “Go through.” Getting started is many times the most difficult step, but once you get going let the momentum carry you forward.
  2. Prepare the way – Preparation is necessary. What things are you learning to better yourself in the area of your dreams? This is not only for you. There are other individuals out there waiting on you to be everything God created you to be.
  3. Build up the highway – The path to your dream is not the perfectly paved Autobahn, yet. The road you are on must be built up and repaired. What’s missing from your path that needs to be filled in? Connect with the people, resources and voices that will edify you. This phrase is also repeated, hinting at the importance of having life-giving input in our journey.
  4. Clear the stones – Those stones can be a real hamper on progress. Everyone has things in life that need to be removed so that we can enjoy a smooth ride. Some stones may be heavy but it’s worth the time and effort spent to further improve the highway.
  5. Lift up a signal – As we travel the highway of our destiny it will be a signal to everyone around us of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Don’t be afraid to testify. Be that city shining on a hill!

Look at all that stuff you have to do! There’s no time to look at that other lane. Your lane is wide open. Forget the comparisons. God created you to be uniquely you. And finally, please, please, please don’t let someone else’s problem slow you down. Go!


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