LeBron doesn’t want it bad enough

This is pure conjecture on my part, but I think I’m right. LeBron James may have been the most hyped athlete in the history of mankind. Everybody knew what he was destined to do years before he did anything of significance. Physically gifted like no other basketball player, James was made to play. I’m curious, though, if he lays awake a night and wonders what if. What if he did what he wanted to do?

Last night James dropped a real stinker in game four of the NBA finals. By far, it was his worst performance in his 99 playoff games. There has been other no show moments for LeBron like game five of the Boston series last year. Earlier this week he was asked by a reporter if he was shrinking under the pressure. James understandably bristled at the question. But the question remains, why the bad performances on the big stage?

Maybe he is doing what he is passionate about it. There are telltale signs that he is not, though. Moving to Miami to take some of the “heat” off of winning by himself; (pun intended) talking about building an empire and the aforementioned lack of execution in the most important moments at times.

In our careers and in our life, if we spend the majority of time doing something we are not passionate about it will show at some point. You may be good at your job, but if it is not your passion something is going to suffer. Your company, your family, your friends, your dreams and most of all, you.

It may not be feasible for you to drop everything to pursue your passion at this moment, but there has got to be an outlet for it. Not only that, but a plan to implement how you can transition your life to reflect that passion. Take some real, actionable steps to make your dreams come true.

Passion cannot be counterfeit. It comes out of who we are and what we were created for. Manufacturing desire for something that is simply a job or a task will not last. This does not mean that we should not put our best effort into things that we do not love to do. Being able to exist at the passionate level includes a lot of tedious and even boring moments that are essential.

Take time to examine who you are and what you love to do. Are you able to participate in opportunities that not only fulfill your dreams but also fulfill other people? My Granny Rowan always used to tell me, “Whatever you do make sure it helps other people.” Words to live by. When we reach beyond ourselves to positively impact the world around us we will be fulfilled.

I’m not rooting for LeBron to win the NBA championship. (It’s personal. Da Bulls.) I am rooting for him to find his true passion. I’m rooting for you, too.


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