Learnin’ from the Biebs

Yeah, I’m writing about Justin Bieber. Apparently, he is a marketing genius. I have been told to watch Never Say Never by my wife and by marketing guru Guy Kawasaki. Inevitably it will happen, and I will watch it for educational purposes only. There will be no enjoyment whatsoever. I kid. I know the Biebs is a good guy and it’s a rite of passage for tweens to go crazy about some pop star. I’m not too proud to take lessons from a 17 year old internet craze.

Beiber unnecessarily wearing sunglasses ... a true sign of having made it to the big time.

Beiber unnecessarily wearing sunglasses … a true sign of having made it to the big time.

Bieber’s rise to fame is remarkable and demonstrates the power of social media. His mother posted videos on YouTube and was discovered on accident by a record executive. Since that time he has successfully leveraged social media to fuel his explosion in popularity.

Not only has YouTube been a boon for his success, but Twitter and Facebook have been instrumental to building his following. Lady Gaga and Bieber are number one and two respectively in the number of Twitter followers. He also has nearly 30 million fans on Facebook. It’s not enough to be uber-famous to tally that many social media followers. Interaction and content are key.

Here’s where we can take from the Biebs. We may not have the amazing dance moves or smooth vocals but we can engage and communicate. Have something to say and make it interesting. And say it to someone when you have an opportunity.

In order to interact, we must be active on these platforms. Getting a reply or a message and not acknowledging is a no go.  Take this example from Bieber’s Twitter feed as an example of connecting:

BiebsBella Isabella ♥ ♥
@justinbieber people continue to say that you will never notice me,they’re wrong,i won’t surrender. i’m a BELIEBER #dreambig

justinbieber Justin Bieber
@BiebsBella i notice

Bang. Fan for life. BiebsBella was obviously a fan, but his interaction will further solidify her devotion to him. And she’ll keep buying his stuff. And he will be even more rich. Take the time to reach out to those that have expressed interest in your business. You don’t know the long lasting effect it may have.

We all have something to offer. The challenge is to rise above the din of noise that constantly vies for our customer’s attention. Doing something different. Be personal. Be consistent.

Now to rent Never Say Never and become a true Belieber.


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