Ch-ch-ch-changes: they’re inevitable. Deal with it.

August 22, 2011

We’ll, I’m back after a hiatus. It’s a wonder the stock market didn’t go haywire in my absence without my sage business advice to guide the finance world’s every turn. My lack of posting has been the catalyst for this post. After much introspection and analysis I have come to the conclusion that I should blame Adalyn. Addie, as we call her at home, is my month old baby girl. Sure, she looks adorable, but she really plays havoc with a person’s scheduling.

July 19, 2011 marked another watershed day in the life of the Rowan household. Adalyn arrived and forever changed our lives just as the three previous children did. With each new child comes new change. And as before I’ve had to adjust to this change. Having a kid is a major change and will most likely interrupt the status quo. But even small changes can effect our day to day goings on. How we react to change can often dictate our effectiveness through it.

Oddly enough, Addie does not know how to talk yet, and this produces a significant challenge at times. Her “wah” can mean one of several things. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I used the bathroom. Get out of my face, Elena Kay, Cassia and Josiah. The other children can vocalize their needs. She cannot. If our reaction were to ignore this change in communication styles, we’d be in jail. Effort is necessary to navigate through inevitable life changes.

Of course, we all love our newest change, and there are many changes that we have no problem dealing with. “Oh, hey, I just got a 50% raise. Not sure I know how to handle this bump in the road. Too much cash, aaaah!” This has never happened. It is the uncertainty of change that is the issue for most of us. Change is constant. This paradox is a true as anything. Although, we have little control over the change, we have all the control over our attitude throughout it. Something make look unfortunate at the moment of change, but the results of it are yet to be determined. We do have a say in the final outcome. We can choose to be constant in the change — believing and expecting for the best no matter what is currently in front of us.

Every change should be a reminder to us that although we do not control every aspect of our life, we do control every attitude of our life. Something is going to change today. Be ready.


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