Your Dream, Your Inheritance

September 29, 2017

Billions in unclaimed cash! Sounds like a late night infomercial and it probably is. Despite the “to good to be true” nature of that statement, it is a fact. Every state has a website in which you can search a database to see if your long lost uncle left you a multi-million dollar inheritance. You can pick any state you or one of your family members have lived in. You might want to check on that.

As incredulous as it sounds to have that many people missing their monetary rewards, think about the spiritual inheritance that is unclaimed! We won’t even consider those those who have yet to come into the Kingdom. There are many children of God that have yet to lay claim to all of their inheritance.

God seems to be fairly interested in our inheritance. It is mentioned over 180 times in the Bible. In the Old Testament and inheritance of land was very important. It should be no surprise that the book of Joshua speaks more on this subject than any other book of the Bible. This book documents the journey of Children of Israel as they take the land that God had given them.

The Promise Land was the dream of the exiled Israelites. It spoke of their identity, where they came from, as well as their destiny, where they were going. Israel lost and reclaimed their inheritance multiple times. The last instance they were without it for nearly 2,000 years! God’s plan for them never changed. He always meant for people of Israel to occupy that land.

The same can be said for you. No matter how many times you have lost sight of your inheritance God’s dream for you has never faded. He has all your rewards stored in His heavenly storehouse waiting to be claimed by the rightful owner.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.
Proverbs 13:22

God gives us understanding that leaving an inheritance to your grandchildren is considered the efforts of a good man. Not only that, but it also reminds us that this is God’s heart for us, as well. He has an Abraham, Isaac and Jacob mindset. He not only looks at you and your children, but also your grandkids. When He leaves something for you, He sees the maturity of it in your grandchildren.

If I have unclaimed millions from a long lost uncle, obviously I am not benefiting from that as long as it is not inherited. It does not affect me alone. My kids and their kids will also not benefit from that inheritance. Countless other people would be left out of the blessing as it sits in a bank collecting dust. The value of the unclaimed inheritance never changes but it is does not make an impact until it is claimed.

The dream lying dormant in your heart right now is an unclaimed inheritance. It is waiting for its inherent value to be unleashed. No one else can legally claim what is yours. Until you identify yourself properly as a son or daughter of the Most High God and take ownership, it will continue to sit there unused and untapped.

The inheritance of your dream starts with knowing whose you are as well as who you are. Your family name is royalty. It has access to more benefits and blessings than you can comprehend. Say yes to your destiny and the destiny of your family. It’s easier than looking up a website.


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