Yes, my name is Mark and I do marketing

Some things were just meant to be. The story I get from my parents about naming me Mark has to do with them not wanting my name turned into a nickname like Joseph to Joe. Little did they know that Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch would be a worldwide sensation in the early 90s. Every Mark probably dealt with the same humiliation and variants thereof, i.e. Marky Mark and the Funky Smell.

Oddly enough, Marky Mark and I have the same exact body … no, not really.

Thankfully Mark Wahlberg and myself have moved on to bigger and better things. Wahlberg is responsible for cinematic greatness like Planet of the Apes and I’m responsible for letting people know how great Hackworth Reprographics is.

I shall use this forum to talk about marketing and all the minutia that it entails as well as what we are doing at Hackworth and how it benefits others.

I’ve had the great privilege of working in most forms of media like video production, web development, graphic design. I hope to bring insight in all areas through this blog.

Just remember …

It’s such a good vibration … It’s such a sweet sensation.

Yo it’s about that time
to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme
I’m a get mine so get yours
I wanna see sweat comin’ out your pores
On the house tip is how I’m swinging this
strictly hip hop boy I ain’t singing this
Bringing this to the entire nation
black, white, red, brown
feel the vibration

Come on come on
Feel it feel it
Feel the vibration

And that is all for now.


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