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Thanks to Twitter pal and real person friend @wesleyaprince I will be talking about the letter Q. I asked via Twitter what I should blog about in a challenge that I could write about anything and this was the first response. And, might I add, the only response. I don’t have the kind of rabid Twitter following that hangs on my every amazingly insightful tweet. Whereas the Biebs says, “this weather is NIIICCEEE” and 100s of followers retweet and reply to him. Really? So, I’m grateful for a response. Thank you, Wes. I’m forever indebted to you.

Back to the issue at hand … Q. What’s the first word that pops into your head when you hear Q? Question? As in “Why are you doing this, Mark?” Maybe queasy – “Your blog makes me sick.” Or quiet … “Mark’s Twitter reply feed is awfully quiet.” For me it was “quit.” Often times quit has a negative connotation, but some things need to be quit. On the other hand, we may have to be reminded, “Don’t quit.”

Things to quit:

  1. Quit thinking that your situation will always be the same. Whether things are greater than great or the absolute worst, it is good to realize that the journey we are on is not one that crosses the flatland of Nebraska. It’s more like my home state of West Virginia: lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. Sit in the front seat or you might get carsick. By that I mean fully embrace the ride. When it is going gangbusters enjoy every minute. When it is less than favorable learn all that you can. While the goodness builds confidence, the adversity builds character. Both are necessary.
  2. Quit saying negative things. This is a tough one. Negativity bombards us all day long. So to slip into that realm of thinking and speaking is easy. It usually works in this fashion. See negativity. Think negativity. Speak negativity. So the process must be interrupted at some point. The best is to stop the source. Who and what do you surround yourself with? Mostly it is your choice. Choose to have positive influences. When we don’t have a choice in our environment we do have a choice in our reaction. Don’t let the bad stuff stay in your mind to simmer and eventually blow up on some poor unfortunate soul.
  3. Quit listening to Lady GaGa.

Things not to quit:

  1. Don’t quit believing. Whoa oh oh ooooh! Not quite as catchy as Journey but still powerful. Believe for the best. If you don’t you can never expect those following you to. Someone is definitely following if even your Twitter account doesn’t show it. We never know the full influence of our lives to those around us. Believe that you have the kind of influence that changes things for the better. With this mindset the fact that only one person reads your blog or responds to your tweet will not dampen your desire to continue on. I’m reading my own blog as I write and I am encouraged. Way to go, me!
  2. Don’t quit doing your best. This thought goes across the board in life, but it is most important when dealing with people. Every person has importance and deserves our best. People matter. It’s easy to do our best when things are swell and we like the person we are dealing with. Let’s go beyond the path of least resistance, though. How satisfying is it when we’ve done all we can to help someone when maybe they didn’t “deserve it?” One thing is for sure if we purport ourselves in this manner the reaction of others will change quickly towards us. Your best brings out their best.
  3. Don’t quit reading this blog.


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