February 19


Justice Is Mine – February 19, 2021

By Mark

February 19, 2021

hearing God, listening

See My hand at work. The plan of the enemy only accelerates what I am doing. It allows Me to tip the scales of justice in your favor. Watch and see the salvation of the Lord come quickly. I am doing a great work on the Earth. Nothing will stop what I am doing!

Who can stand against the Lord Almighty? The wicked have no place to run. They can only repent and run to Jesus. Those that do not will understand Who truly holds the power to rule and reign. Justice is not a thing that I do. I am just and those that have broken My laws will be judged accordingly.

Pray for mercy for My anger boils against the wicked for their sins against Me. None shall stand in defiance in My presence. Not one. They have been fooled by the deceiver. His time runs short. My glory is tipping over to be poured out. My angels stand ready!

About the author

Mark is a marketer and sometimes writer. He's trying to get better at that sometimes thing.

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