In Between the Dream

The length of a dream can be as short as a few seconds or up to as long as 20-30 minutes. A lot can be said during that relatively short amount of time especially when it is the words of God that we are receiving. Instant revelation is nice, but that is often not the case. With the symbolic nature of dreams, the meaning can be kept from us. This can be due maturity or timing. It could be that we are not ready to hear what is being said as there are some areas of growth needed in our life. Secondarily, it may not be God’s right time and He is hiding some details until He sees fit. A dream comes in a moment but takes a lifetime to fulfill.

While we may see the end destination there are many steps to take on the journey. I like to call this the “In Between.” I capitalized it because it makes it seem super important and it is. How we navigate the doldrum and storms will invariably shape our character more than anything else. We love the victory experiences — peoples lives being changed, accomplishing major goals, financial success, but those of us that extract the value from the “defeats” will be the ones that live in the fulfillment of their dreams.

Two of the most famous dreamers of the Bible, Joseph and Daniel, had significant In Between seasons. Joseph went through slavery, rape accusation and prison between his dreams and his rise to power. Daniel was exiled to a foreign land, thrown in the lion’s den and forgotten about for decades at time between his moments of dream activation. We all have the In Between and it becomes a catalyst for our growth that results in a destiny that shapes history.

Every dream journey is vastly different. I didn’t know the first thing about dreams until after I was 30 years old. Raised in a Christian home, educated at Christian schools, employed at Christian organizations, but I did not know that God had dreams for me. I knew that God had a plan for me. I did not know the entirety of it. Being awakened to dreams not only helped me understand why I was here but it helped me know my Father. He has a way of leaking out information about what His plans for us are as we draw closer to Him. It is His great joy to share the Kingdom with us.

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
Luke 12:32

Your dream is a Kingdom dream. A. The King gave it to you. B. He’s called you to build his Kingdom. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the Kingdom of God on this earth. Or your dream. Your dream is much cooler than Rome, by the way.

Now that you know you are called to build the Kingdom through your dream, here are some tips on the In Between.

Get better at listening

Do this even if you have no desire to dream. It will help out all the rest of us. More specifically, get better at listening to God. I often highlight the importance of dreams, but certainly God uses many avenues to speak to us. It always starts with the Bible. If you cannot hear Him speaking directly through His word, spend more time in it coupled with prayer. God uses other people to speak to us and sometimes they are the least expected source. Remember the donkey and Balaam? (Numbers 22:21-38) Yeah, He can use anything to talk to you. Begin to recognize His voice in circumstances and situations, as well. Simple nuances of life can be insightful reminders from your Father. As you hear the voice of God more readily, you will not only learn valuable lessons for everyday life but also revelation on walking out your dreams.

Sharpen your character

As you listen better, you will hear the Still Small Voice telling you to do some things you may not want to do. Pick up that trash. Say sorry. Help that homeless man. At first these may be a stretch for you, but as you obey these moments of discomfort they become natural responses of love. In those selfless moments, you are actually building the dream of another person no matter how small the act may be. Your gift will never be taken away as Romans 11:29 reminds us, “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” The maturity of that gift in you will not be found outside of the development of your character.

Develop your dream

The dream is alive in you! Way to go! Do not just sit there waiting for Heaven to drop everything you need into your lap. If this does happen to you, hallelujah to the King, but I do not know of one person that has happened to in the history of mankind. Jesus made everything we need available to us at the cross, but we do have our part in accessing it. Every single dream has to be stewarded by the carrier. The passion should not be hard to come by as this dream is tailor-made for you. It will be up to you to learn, better yourself and make it a lifelong pursuit of excellence.

The In Between is the most valuable but often least thought about aspect of your dream. Without it the dream withers into forgotten wisps. The In Between drives you to become everything God intended you to be. Joseph needed it. Daniel needed it. You need it. I need it. See you in the In Between.


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