March 1


Excitement – March 1, 2021

By Mark

March 1, 2021

hearing God, listening

You are going to love this! I love a good surprise. I always tell My prophets before I do anything but it is beyond what you have thought or imagined. I have no condemnation against My beloved.

All of heaven has been preparing and waiting for Earth to be ready for these times. No we go. Now the people rejoice for great is their God and mighty are His exploits.

The enemy is exploited and has nowhere to turn. Woe to those who have rejected My mercy. Exceedingly great are the rewards for those who stand in faith with Me.

I have appointed you to speak for Me. Open your mouth wide so I may fill it with My words of power and redemption. Do not hold back but expand. See the salvation of your God.

Rejoice! Proclaim My goodness. Shine My light. Destroy the works of darkness. Heal the sick. Cleanse the leper. Raise the dead. Cast out demons. Freely I have given to you. Now it is your turn.

Do not stop when I say go. Do not go when I say stop. I will tell you to turn left or right to go here or there. My grace is sufficient, My love is abundant and My hand is with you says the Lord!

About the author

Mark is a marketer and sometimes writer. He's trying to get better at that sometimes thing.

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