Are you content with your content?


This is what came up in the search when I typed in “content.” No question it was going to be used.

See what I did there? Content (kuhn-tent) and content (kon-tent) are spelled the same way, but they sound different. It looks like I just repeated myself. In reality I made an awesome headline which is good content and now I’m content. You figure that last usage out on your own.

Have you ever heard someone say I’m content but not satisfied? Our friendly dictionary defines the word content this way though: satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else. For some reason, content has come to mean “good with what one is or has but wanting more.” At least that is the way we use it in many instances. And it works for this post. Because you are what you thought you were. (Thank you Dennis Green.) No matter what stage you are at in your content creation, there’s no reason to fret over what you are not. The only thing to do is to continue moving forward and creating content. Be content, but don’t stay in the same place.

Here at Hackworth we are actively trying to improve our content by educating, informing and occasionally entertaining our audience/customers. Have we reached the apex of our content dreams? Not in the least. We can only do what’s possible in the time allotted to everyone in a day. By the way, we are not open 24 hours. So, for us it’s more like 9 hours. If you work 24 hours a day creating content a.) good for you and b.) nice knowing you, you’ll be dead soon.

The fact is that content is needed to separate yourself from everyone else. Each person and/or company has their own flavor and that will create original content that reaches people. You just have to write it, work on it and refine it.

Now for some unoriginal content … B to B’s 2011 Lead Generation Guide has an article that speaks to the content need, Lead-generation Demands Grow by Christoper Hosford. In the article VP of Marketing at Neolane Inc. Kristen Hambleton had this to say,

The tipping point between executing timely, smart, targeted campaigns and what could be considers spam is influenced in large part by one thing: content. Creating good content is dependent upon collaborative processes and best practices across departments for incorporating targeted messaging, information and offers that resonate with key audiences.

Everyone in your company has different experiences, skill sets and stories to tell. Use as much of it as possible to add to the company’s ongoing storyline. Meanwhile you are creating teamwork and cohesiveness by getting others involved. Bonus points!

We all have room for improvement in every part of business and life. The key is not to be bent out of shape about not being all that you thought you would be. Be content. And then blog about it


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