March 21


Alignment of the Ages – March 21, 2021

By Mark

March 21, 2021

alignment of the ages, hearing God, listening

“Alignment of the Ages” — I heard this and spoke it as I woke up this morning. I thought I had heard it before but after searching the internet I did not find supporting documents.

I, the Lord, hold the universe in the palm of My hand. Nothing moves outside of My breath of life. Times and seasons are determined by My clock.

The way of the wicked does no escape My watchful eye. There is no injustice in My courtroom. The gavel is rapping and My judgement is being proclaimed.

Who are aligned with Me? They stand innocent in victory saved by their Advocate. The guilty have no recourse. Their only hope is mercy but many will not even ask for it. Their alignment has brought them down low to destruction.

I am moving. No plan of the enemy can interfere with My Kingdom. Every move they make only furthers My Kingdom and benefits My children. I work out ALL things for the good for My children. You are called. You have purpose. Walk with Me in it and see the salvation of your God.

About the author

Mark is a marketer and sometimes writer. He's trying to get better at that sometimes thing.

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