A Dream, Some Cows & the Theory of Relativity

August 11, 2016

Albert Einstein is world-renowned for his Theory of Relativity, which was a monumental scientific discovery in the 20th century. Here we will dissect this theory and prove that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Speed, light and time are all very fascinating but did you know the genesis of Einstein’s discovery was from a dream that featured some cows getting shocked by an electric fence?

We will not be delving into the depths of Einstein’s theories as I have roughly the same qualifications as a bag of rocks when it comes to that. Basically, Al saw the cows do one thing when they were shocked and a farmer saw them doing something different. That got Einstein thinking deeper on the subject. If you need to know more about his shocking cow dream check out the book E=Einstein: His Life, His Thought and His Influence on Our Culture.

A teenage boy’s dream altered the course of history. Well, I’m sure that sort of thing doesn’t happen very often. Or maybe it does. Dreams have played major roles in creative works and incredible breakthroughs including the writing of Paul McCartney’s Yesterday, Niels Bohr’s structure of an atom, Elias Howe’s sewing machine and Frederick Banting’s insulin discovery. These are just of the few amazing additions to mankind that can be credited to dreams.

Not only are dreams a common way that God will speak to you about your life and things that you face, but in a significant way they are answers to real problems. God is about solutions that work. He is about bringing joy to the world … all the boys and girls. Sometimes that joy is a beautifully inspired song. Others times it is a medical breakthrough that saves millions of lives. Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father above. James said that in the Bible. It was true then, true when Einstein’s cow showed up and it is absolutely true for you right now.

Some of these dream discoveries were given to people that may or may not have made our “Best Christians Ever” list. Of course, God only fully knows each individual’s heart, but this is an encouragement for those who are pursuing wholeheartedly the ways of our Father. If He will do it for them, He most certainly will grant you the same privilege of finding solutions in your night parables.

If you are facing a problem that the Bible does not directly address, go to bed meditating on the goodness of God and how He has the answer. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal is wisdom through dreams and visions. Knowing that God is intentional about speaking to you and having a desire to hear are two necessary steps in hearing from God. Whether your hear from His word, divine dreams or one of the many other ways, He is constantly speaking.

Take notice that the world changers were pursuing the passion of their heart when a supernatural sleep interruption changed everything. Here lies the key. God, not you, put the desire to accomplish that impossible dream into your heart. He is eagerly waiting for you to dive headlong in agreement and pursuit of that desire. This is when this thing starts to get awesome. You and God want the same thing … to change the world. You have a unique set of gifts, talents and experiences. No one else can quite do the things that you can. No one else can quite impact the people that you can.

When you live with an abandon to go after the very thing that you were made to do, God will start giving you the answers to the problems that the world has been searching for. He is carefully watching us do the little things that no one else sees. At the right time, He will send us our electrocuted cows and we will shock the world!


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