Videos: High Production or Low-Brow?

When it comes to powerful media venues none is more so than a video. Well, that’s if its done right. If not, it can literally make someone sick at worst or cause confusion and boredom at best. So that begs the question what is the right way to do video? The answer, much like the rest of life, is not a simple one. It will depend on who you are, what you do, who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to say.

Who are you & what do you do?
If you are a law firm that goes with 3-piece suits and Italian leather briefcases don’t try to be the funny guy. Stay true to who you are. You won’t get the joke and most importantly your customers will not get it. Your video production will need to fall in line with the other marketing collateral your company disseminates. In cases like these, a production company will be the best avenue for videos.

On the other hand, if you are the funny guy and your workplace is a lighthearted, easy-going atmosphere skip the corporate feel. You can get away with having Billy from maintenance shoot the video and do some editing on your own PC. Don’t worry about having Stephen Spielberg quality production. Get your message out and have fun with it.

Who are you trying to reach & what are you trying to say?
Within your business you may have differing target audiences depending on the services and/or products you offer. This is the instance to tailor your message to those that will most likely see it. For instance, a corporate business working with individuals needs to make sure not to alienate the customer by being too impersonal. We are a media savvy society and can quickly spot an actor or corporate spiel. Use real people with real stories.

Secondarily, be aware of the subject matter. If the message is explaining your company’s trustworthy safety products, don’t have BoBo the Circus Clown giving your pitch.

Also, please use real people words. Not everyone that needs your products and services knows your special lingo. When your technician Raymond starts spouting off about the intricacies of the flux capacitor you’re sure to lose a hefty percentage of the viewing audience.

There are many options for video production. If a professional look is need there are video production houses available with high-end equipment ready to do the job. Most small to medium sized business will be looking for a more affordable option which would include small business videographers and editors. And of course, there is Billy from maintenance that knows how to edit videos. In house production is an ideal option if possible. Those on your staff know the business already and can articulate what you do and hopefully do it in real people words.

Your videos should be relevant not only to your company but to your customers. If you choose to do it yourself, get educated on best practices and and try, try again. Have fun!


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