Urgent, Urgent … Emergency

Make sure your staff is in the loop during an emergency

Recently we had quite the harrowing thunderstorm that reeked havoc on not only our business operation but many others in the area. Subsequently, we were without power for several hours. This brought to the forefront the need for our company to refine our emergency contact procedures. As the outage spanned two work days, many people within our company were not aware that we could not open for business. Although we had a plan to contact everyone, it did not work out quite like we had envisioned.

What to do? Make changes, of course. We are an uber-connected society and have many avenues that people can reach us. When then need arises and employees must be contacted it is pertinent that companies have multiple ways of reaching them. It is easy enough to e-blast the entire staff via mass email programs that many companies use for external marketing. Gather personal cell phone numbers and home numbers and set up a call chain. For those with a mind for social media, Facebook post it. Heck, try smoke signals.

How does this correlate to marketing? In order to have effective, across-the-board external marketing there first has to be internal marketing within a company that works. If your staff is well informed, educated and perhaps entertained it makes for a better workplace which results in happier customers.

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