November 21

I got my hair did


So, I got a stylin’ new hairdo yesterday. Josiah seems to think otherwise, as does Jenny. Cassia is not sure what is going on up top. Elena Kay is on board with the crew cut, though. (She’s always been my favorite.) All the nice people on Facebook are encouraging me that it looks great. Yes, it great for getting a good view of my massive forehead.

The story goes like this. I walk in to DisasterCuts … I mean MasterCuts to get trimmed up for the holiday season. I proceed to explain that I want a “number two on the sides and back” and “leave it long on the top.” See picture to right for the outcome. Later I realized that the nice hair stylist was Asian and probably translated what I said to: “reave it rong on the top.” Ergo I am reft with the rong thing on my head.

As my forehead continues to grow as I get older I try to fake people out with longer hair and a combforward. It works out fairly well since the rest of my head (and back) have plenty of hair to spare. Well, one inch of hair does not make this plan viable. I’ve been exposed. I’m a hair fraud.

Last night Josiah gave me some hair tips to try to help me out. This morning when I walked downstairs, he took one look and said, “Your hair still like dat. Why?” Great question, Jobro. I’ve been asking the same question. WHY!?!?

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for hats


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