Direct Mail Is So Dead Right Now … Right?

Direct mail is soooo last century. Amirite? Actually, no. Direct mail works today.

Caveat alert! It works if you do it right.

How do you do it the right way? Two quick tips.

  1. Audience: Know who you are trying to target and find those people. If you are looking for new customers, there are great list services that will allow you to get a bead on the exact market you need. Otherwise you should be building your own list. This is the most valuable asset you have. They already know you and hopefully they have already done business with you. This is what we in the industry call, “easy pickins.” No one says that in the industry, unfortunately. But I say it!
  2. Message: Make sure you are speaking the language that your audience will respond to. There are many ways to craft a message, but the best message is one that your customer connects with.You must know them. Know thyself and then know thy customer and then craft thy message.

Some may have abandoned the tried and true method of reaching potential customers for new-fangled contraptions like websites and social media. A good overall marketing strategy will include all these elements and more.

Don’t be that guy. Deliver the mail. Just like Karl Malone.



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