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How to Remember Your Dreams

Not being able to remember a dream is a fairly common occurrence for many people. In fact, before I started paying attention to dreams I rarely, if ever, actually remembered my dreams. There’s your first tip: what you make room for you experience more of.  Set it in your mind that you want to remember […]

Videos: High Production or Low-Brow?

When it comes to powerful media venues none is more so than a video. Well, that’s if its done right. If not, it can literally make someone sick at worst or cause confusion and boredom at best. So that begs the question what is the right way to do video? The answer, much like the […]

Strategery: why it’s important

February 20, 2012

I love the word strategery. If you missed it, this came into the consciousness of America through a Saturday Night Live skit featuring Will Ferrell as President George Bush. This was inspired by Bushisms which are basically humorous statements when Bush misspoke. What’s even better than strategery is strategy. It is a real word that […]

Urgent, Urgent … Emergency

Make sure your staff is in the loop during an emergency Recently we had quite the harrowing thunderstorm that reeked havoc on not only our business operation but many others in the area. Subsequently, we were without power for several hours. This brought to the forefront the need for our company to refine our emergency […]