What are you thinking?

I’m thinking I have to get this idea out of my head and into a post. Aaah, the power of the mind … we may never fully understand it’s capabilities. In case you didn’t know, our thoughts originate from our brain. Also, to inspire some confidence, your brain uses the amount of energy contained in two large bananas. There you have it — actual scientific evidence that “going bananas” is a real thing.

Gimme a break

This past weekend the family and I headed up to northern Virginia for some time away. It was an opportunity to be refreshed and to take a break from our normal routine. Taking vacations help us recharge the battery and get our mind and body reinvigorated.

Mass (communication) FAIL

I am a proud graduate of the Communications Department of Liberty University. When I was entering my freshman year in 1995 mass communication meant something entirely different than it does now. The introductory courses taught about television, radio and print as being the mainstays.

Nowitzness to Perseverance

Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions. High fives all around for the over-the-hill gang. Not many prognosticators had the Mavs as favorites to win it all at the beginning of the season. For one most of their impact players are a little long in the tooth.

LeBron doesn’t want it bad enough

This is pure conjecture on my part, but I think I’m right. LeBron James may have been the most hyped athlete in the history of mankind. Everybody knew what he was destined to do years before he did anything of significance. Physically gifted like no other basketball player, James was made to play. I’m curious, though, if he lays awake a night and wonders what if. What if he did what he wanted to do?

Rotten Apples

I appreciate the wondrous technology that Apple has afforded us tech hungry 21st century folks as much as the next guy. I confess to having an iMac, MacBook, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and an iPhone. (Upon writing that it looks a little ridiculous. But hey, it works and more importantly it makes me seem cool.) […]

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