In Between the Dream

The length of a dream can be as short as a few seconds or up to as long as 20-30 minutes. A lot can be said during that relatively short amount of time especially when it is the words of God that we are receiving. Instant revelation is nice, but that is often not the […]

How to Develop Your Dream

Developing your dream essentially means developing yourself. God has entrusted you with this dream. While you may not know every detail of how it will come to pass, the dream itself does not really need to be worked on. Once you awakened to the dream, the real work will be done inside of you. You […]

Be Careful Who You Let Into Your Dreams

Once there was a confident young man who had dreams that were filled with the promise of a bright future. He was so moved by these dreams that he had to share them with others. The boy went to those closest to him, his family, and shared the exciting things that were in his heart. […]

How to Remember Your Dreams

Not being able to remember a dream is a fairly common occurrence for many people. In fact, before I started paying attention to dreams I rarely, if ever, actually remembered my dreams. There’s your first tip: what you make room for you experience more of.  Set it in your mind that you want to remember […]

Television – See From A Distance

Before an idea is birthed into reality, most people go about life without knowing what they are missing. In 1900 moving pictures and sound were not on the radar of 99% of the earth’s population. Neither was the radar. So if this was written in that time frame I would say “not on the horizon.” […]

My Dream Story

In the early 1990s as a young high school student I thought I was going to pursue a career in computer science. Understand that there was no Google for me to find out more about this subject as the Internet was in it’s infancy. Also, I had never actually had any experience with computer science […]

You Can’t See Without Glasses

A few years ago I was visiting my parent’s sheep farm with my family. While we standing on the back deck of the house, I attempted to point out the sheep grazing in field to my son Josiah. “Do you see them?” “No.” “They’re the little white dots on the green grass. You don’t see […]

40 Years

I was born April 5, 1977. That means this year, 2017, I turned 40 years old. For some that signifies the beginning of the end … over the hill, middle age, mid-life crisis, etc. Generally speaking, society portrays it as a negative experience. But I have been filled with expectancy and excitement. Since the beginning of […]

Voila! 2016 Rowan Christmas Letter

Twelve long, excruciating months … each day you walk to your mailbox with great anticipation only to realize that it is not Christmas season. Your heart sinks. No Rowan Christmas Letter. What will you do?! It’s the only real piece of mail you get all year! You try to find solace in reading other pieces […]

Ultimate Hide & Seek

September 29, 2016

As a child, hide and seek was one of the more thrilling activities I participated in. The anticipation of finding someone or being found always heightened the excitement. With four children in the house, this classic game is still a favorite. Even at a very young age my kids, loved playing even if they needed […]